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Fabulash Artistry Studio

0.04 Lash Trays

0.04 Lash Trays

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Our 0.04 CC & D Curl are the thickest and loosest lashes yet. With 18 rows of jet black fibers, these lashes fan easily and quickly creating sharp, precise fans. Their high quality matte finish makes them perfect for professional use.


This is are most newest lashes yet!

18 rows and ultra matte! 

If you have been following our lash brand you know we started with 12 and have now moved up to 18 rows! Only the best for our clients! These are truly the loosest lashes I have ever worked with. Super jet black!

If you thought that the previous line was easy to fan this one is even easier! 

It fans like butter! All your fans will be as sharp as ever!


 Mix Trays are 12 rows 

Single lengths are 18 rows

***For professional use only****

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