Violet Bond Adhesive

Violet Bond Adhesive

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New Adhesive Alert!

This adhesive is clear drying and is perfect for all the colorful lashes or regular black lashes. This glue will not make your color lashes have that bad black glue look at the base. It has low fumes and amazing retention! Its perfect for slower artist and beginner artist. If you struggle with adhesive that dries too fast, this is your solution! Bad retention 9/10 times is the artist's bad application fault not their adhesive. If you struggle with fans popping off when you brush through your sets then you most likely are not using the dry time for your speed. 

Purple Adhesive Color

Dry Time: 2 sec

Retention hold: 7-8 weeks

Shelf Life: 2 months when unopened (can be stored in fridge when unopened and must be left in room temp at least 1 hour before use)

Low Fumes

**For professional use only**

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